Job Title:  Bottling Line – Production Operator

Purpose:  As a part of the bottling team at Brew Dr. Kombucha you will be working with other members of the team to operate the bottling line.  Teamwork is essential to the overall success of the day, Together Everyone Achieves More.

Reports to:  Jon Mack – Tualatin Bottling Manager, Andy Perkin – VP of Operations

Job Duties:

  • Load boxes of empty bottles on to the bottling line
  • Move pallets from one place to another
  • Operating various pieces of equipment on the bottling line
  • Quality Control – Constantly checking for accuracy; bottled on dates, expiration dates, batch #’s, etc
  • Changing bottle labels
  • Lifting heavy boxes of labels, bottle caps, etc
  • Assist the team, and Team Leaders with various tasks throughout the day.
  • Operating forklifts and powered pallet jacks to move material as needed

The Basics for the Position:

  • Be able to stand for long periods of time, 3-4 hrs continuously
  • Frequently lift up 50 lb boxes, using proper lifting techniques.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings (Forklifts, and pallet jacks constantly moving around the warehouse)
  • Follow uniform/clothing guidelines, wear hairnets (or baseball cap) & eye protection as outlined in the employee handbook.
  • Follow GMP

Candidate should have:

  • Positive attitude, and a team mentality
  • A desire to learn, and have fun
  • A general understanding of the process we use to make our Kombucha.
  • High school diploma