Frequently Asked Questions


What to know about our organic 100% raw kombucha


What is kombucha ?
Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for over two millennia, growing out of Asia and Eastern Europe. Tea (white, green, oolong, black) is fermented with cane sugar to produce a slightly acidic-tasting, carbonated tea beverage.

What does Brew Dr. mean when it says it is “Craft Brewed”?
Our flavors are completely the product of what we do on the front-end of the brewing process. We have fine-tuned our recipes of high-quality organic teas, herbs, and dried fruits that are steeped together to make our flavor profiles. No altering is done after the fermentation is complete, making our kombucha truly 100% raw. It would be easier to make a large batch of ‘plain’ kombucha with a cheap tea and then flavor it after with juices or other flavoring agents, but we’re tea people and we believe in the art behind the flavor. If you love the taste of our kombucha compared to a lot of other kombuchas out there, this is the reason.

What are the “probiotics” in kombucha? And why are they good for us?

Brew Dr. Kombucha bottle is packed with naturally occurring live and active cultures. Here are the details:

  • Beneficial bacteria and yeasts (acetic acetobacter, lactobacillus, saccharomyces) that help populate the gut with healthy flora to aid in digestion
  • Organic acids: acetic acid, lactic acid, propionic acid, glucuronic acid and gluconic acid. These organic acids are known to improve bioavailability of vitamins, prevent accumulation of heavy metals and insoluble oxalates, inhibit pathogenic bacteria, support joint health, modulate immunity and prevent cancer proliferation.

Is there caffeine in Brew Dr. Kombucha?
There is less than 15 mg of caffeine in an entire 14 fl oz bottle of Brew Dr. That is a lot less than a cup of coffee (95 mg per 8 fl oz) and even green tea (25 mg per 8 fl oz). The reason there is so much less is that the fermentation process consumes the caffeine while creating the wonderful mix of probiotics in Kombucha.

Has this kombucha been pasteurized (is it raw)?
Brew Dr. Kombucha is 100% raw. We wouldn’t dream of pasteurizing (cooking to death) all of those wonderful live and active probiotics.

Is sugar or juice added to Brew Dr. Kombucha?
The only time organic cane sugar is added is at the very beginning, when we sweeten the tea we brew. That sweetened tea is then put into a fermentation vessel along with a kombucha culture (often called a SCOBY – Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) and allowed to do its magic for about two weeks. After that, we do not add anything. No sugar, no juices. If you read the answer to the “craft brewed” question above then you know why we don’t need to alter our flavors after fermentation.

Is Brew Dr. Kombucha organic? How about non-GMO? Gluten Free?
Yes, yes and yes! All of our flavors are USDA Certified Organic. In fact, every ingredient in our entire brewery is certified organic. And you may already know this, but part of organic certification in the US is verification of non-GMO ingredients. So anytime you see the USDA Organic symbol on a product, you can rest assured it is 100% GMO free. And lastly, there are no gluten-risk ingredients at use in our kombucha brewery. All of our kombuchas are gluten free.

What’s the deal with alcohol in raw kombucha?
Good question. Kombucha is a millennia-old probiotic fermentation of tea and sugar. A by-product of any type of fermentation is alcohol. Most people don’t know that kombucha made at home has an alcohol content as high as 3%! In order to make authentic raw kombucha that abides by alcohol rules, we utilize a method of low-temperature distillation to remove alcohol without harming the live and active cultures that make raw kombucha so beneficial. Our in-house distillery, called Thomas & Sons, then makes unique and tasty spirits from the alcohol that we remove from Brew Dr. Kombucha, making it the world’s first and only tea distillery. Cool right?! We have an onsite tasting room in Portland and our spirits products are distributed in Oregon, Washington and California.

Why don’t the caps twist back on?
We have good news…they do! It can take a couple tries to get the hang of it and it may be a little bit more difficult than attaching a plastic cap, but it does work. Also this style of cap takes significantly less energy to produce than a larger plastic or metal cap, and is made from recycled metal. We like that about it (and we just love the look of it).

Do you ship kombucha?
Unfortunately we are not currently set up to ship our kombucha. It would require special packaging and would be pretty heavy — that means it would be expensive to do as well. Have you seen our Find It Map? If you click on the link below and type in your location it will show you all of the closest retailers. Our goal is to be sold everywhere. If we aren’t sold at your favorite spots, please email us and tell us your recommended retailers. We will pass that info on to our sales team and try to make it happen!